Is Cremation Right For You?

Cremation is often a controversial topic. Some people believe that the proper way to handle deceased bodies is to bury them in the ground. Cremation differs vastly because a burning process is used to transform human flesh to ashes. Although you may be uncertain today about having your body cremated after death, learning more about crematories and the manner in which ashes can be stored will shed some light on the topic and may even prompt you to choose this method for yourself.

The Unknown Can Be Scary

One reason that some people may shy away from cremation is because they are not certain how the process is completed. People tend to grasp concepts that include a visual perspective. For instance, when someone is going to be buried, their funeral may include a viewing of the body. The guests see the coffin, which is the last place where a loved one will be laid to rest.

This may comfort some people since they are aware that after the service, the coffin will be lowered into the ground. With cremation, you may not be provided with the opportunity to watch the actual process take place. Most people understand that a body will be transported to a crematory and afterward, a loved one's ashes will be the only thing left of the person.

Although this can seem like a sudden and jarring transition from life to death, it is one that is actually very non-invasive and humane. If a cremation is going to take place, it can be comforting to hold a standard memorial service, which includes viewing the deceased in an open casket. This will allow loved ones to say goodbye to the person who has passed.

An Urn Is Symbolic

Besides costing less than a standard burial, cremation has another benefit that many see as very rewarding. A loved one's ashes are stored inside of an urn. The urn will be a constant reminder of a loved one and can even have graphics or lettering engraved into its surface to make the container extra special.

Because the contents are safely stored inside, some people choose to display an urn on top of a mantelpiece or shelf. Others may decide to spread the ashes outdoors and hang onto the urn as a memento. The owner of a crematory will describe the cremation process and storage options to anyone who is contemplating cremation for themselves or a loved one. 

You may want to consider cremation services rather than a traditional burial for the above reasons.