3 Useful Tips When Planning A Cremation For A Deceased Family Member

If you've just lost a family member, a necessary task is planning their funeral. Traditional funerals can be pretty expensive, but a cheaper alternative is cremation. If you're considering this funeral option as a way to honor your loved one, these tips are important to remember.  Assess Urn Options  The great thing about cremation is you have the opportunity to keep the family member's ashes. To store them elegantly and safely, you'll need to choose an urn. Read More 

3 Questions About Cremation Diamonds

If you have decided that you want to use cremation for your body after you pass away, the next question will be what to do with the ashes. While you can put them in an urn or have them scattered, you may be interested in having your cremated remains turned into diamonds. It's a very interesting process that can be an elegant way to honor your life after you pass away. Read More 

Planning Your Own Funeral? Follow These 3 Tips

Do you want to pre-plan your own funeral so that you do not cause friends and family to go through the stressful process of planning it themselves? If so, this means you have to make those big decisions for how things will need to be carried out. Even if you have selected to use cremation, there are a lot of things that need to be planned to have everything go smoothly. Read More 

Tips For Discussing Your Preference For Cremation

Cremation is at an all-time high in popularity. In fact, its rapidly growing popularity is one of the most drastic changes in the funeral industry in many years. The Smithsonian reports that just over half of Americans are now choosing cremation over traditional burial methods. If you have decided that cremation is the right choice for you, talking to your loved ones about this decision is important. Follow these tips for discussing a preference for cremation with your family. Read More 

Role Ideas For The “Pallbearers” During A Processional For A Cremation Funeral

At a funeral that will be followed by a burial, it's common for a handful of specially chosen people to serve as pallbearers. These individuals' main task is to carry the casket from the front of the funeral home to a waiting vehicle at the conclusion of the service. If you're arranging a funeral for a family member who has been cremated, you may feel as though choosing pallbearers is unnecessary. Read More