Memorial Stone Options For Cremation Burials

Not all burials are in a traditional funeral plot. Cremation burials can take on one of many options. Some prefer to be buried in a small family plot, while others will share a grave with a spouse or child. Still others prefer to be buried within a mausoleum. The following are some memorial stone options for the different types of cremation burials.

Urn Gardens

An urn garden or cremation plot is an indoor or outdoor burial area reserved for cremated remains. These can be reserved for a single family or shared. There are generally two types of memorials that are acceptable in an urn garden. The first is an engraved urn. These urns are usually reserved for indoor gardens where they can be displayed without fear of weathering. They may also be accompanied by a memorial plaque.

Outdoor gardens generally use a cremation headstone. A cremation headstone has room for the memorial and a compartment inside of it where the cremated remains are sealed. These headstones can be very ornate in some instances, such as by featuring flower vases or statues, since they are meant to also add to the beauty of the urn garden.

Shared Graves

It is not uncommon for one spouse to choose cremation and the other burial. In this case a shared headstone is the best option. Typically made of granite or another highly polished and durable stone, it features the memorial for both spouses and sets at the head of the grave. The urn is then sealed inside the stone.

For spouses where both have chosen cremation, they can opt for a stone similar to those used in urn gardens, except it will feature room for both sets of remains to be sealed. Family versions are also available, which act as a miniature mausoleum for a single family in an otherwise shared urn garden. One interesting design for a group memorial uses drawers that are built into the gravestone, similar to those in larger mausoleums, to hold each set of remains.


Mausoleums, either large or small, can house a single family or several unrelated families. These indoor burial vaults may also contain only cremated remains or both these and burials. You are usually limited on the memorial options inside a mausoleum. Memorial plaques are commonly used to conserve space. You may be able to choose your own, or it may be engraved onto the wall of the mausoleum.

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