4 Cremain-Scattering Options For Adventurous People

Nowadays, cremations are almost as commonplace as traditional burials in the U.S., evidenced by the fact that over 40 percent of Americans are now choosing to be cremated. However, if you consider yourself to be a free-spirited or adventurous person, you may not like the idea of spending eternity trapped inside an urn on someone's mantle. Instead, choose one of these four cremain-scattering options that are perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit: Read More 

3 Creative Ways To Save Money On A Funeral

When a loved one dies, you are faced with the difficult task of planning their funeral. This is an emotional time in life and you may find yourself spending more on the funeral than you had planned. This is because you want to honor your loved one in the best possible way. Honoring your loved one does not have to break the bank and you can pull off a nice, elegant funeral for thousands less than the regular price, just by being creative. Read More