4 Things You Should Bring When Going To A Cremation Service With A Child

Children can experience the same cathartic mourning at a cremation service as adults do. If the person who is hosting the cremation service is okay with children attending the memorial service, you then get to decide whether your child is ready to handle this ritual of death. When planning to attend the cremation service with your child, bring along these four things to ensure that the presence of you and your child is a blessing to others at the service. Read More 

Tips for Handling a Bullying Relative at a Funeral

Most people who attend funerals are there to support the mourners or pay their final respects to the deceased person whose life is being celebrated. Unfortunately, a small number of people go to funerals while thinking only of themselves. Sometimes you may find that relatives you otherwise love turn into bullies under the great pressure of a funeral. If you encounter a bully at a funeral, you may be tempted to match their rudeness with an equally emotional reaction, but it is best to step back and evaluate the best ways to respond in your unique situation. Read More 

Tips For Cutting Down On The Cost Of Funeral Arrangements

If you have the need to cut back on the amount of money that you are spending on the cost of a funeral arrangement, you will want to make sure to review the following suggestions. Ask For A Cremation Instead Of A Burial Burials tend to cost a lot more money because of everything that is involved with them. You have to pay to transport the body from the funeral home to the burial plot. Read More 

Memorial Stone Options For Cremation Burials

Not all burials are in a traditional funeral plot. Cremation burials can take on one of many options. Some prefer to be buried in a small family plot, while others will share a grave with a spouse or child. Still others prefer to be buried within a mausoleum. The following are some memorial stone options for the different types of cremation burials. Urn Gardens An urn garden or cremation plot is an indoor or outdoor burial area reserved for cremated remains. Read More 

4 Cremain-Scattering Options For Adventurous People

Nowadays, cremations are almost as commonplace as traditional burials in the U.S., evidenced by the fact that over 40 percent of Americans are now choosing to be cremated. However, if you consider yourself to be a free-spirited or adventurous person, you may not like the idea of spending eternity trapped inside an urn on someone's mantle. Instead, choose one of these four cremain-scattering options that are perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit: Read More