Planning a Funeral Service

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing A Eulogy For A Funeral Or Cremation Service

Being asked to give a eulogy for a lost loved one's funeral or cremation service is an honor. It shows that the relationship you had with the deceased person is respected, and it offers you the chance to speak lovingly of your loved one to people who are longing to hear what you say. When you are writing the eulogy, consider these questions to help you create just the right eulogy that will be a tribute to your loved one. Read More 

Designate A Backup Person For These Important Funeral-Related Roles

As you move through the process of planning the funeral for a loved one, you'll find yourself delegating important roles to those around you. This is especially the case if your deceased family member didn't specify the people he or she wanted involved in the ceremony, so you and your family will likely discuss amongst yourself who will perform the various duties. It can be useful to think about designating some backup people for the most important roles. Read More 

Respect These Wishes Of A Loved One, Even If You Don’t Agree With Them

When a loved one passes away and you find yourself taking responsibility for the post-death arrangements, it's important that you respect any wishes that the person has left. Whether he or she has provided you with a note detailing some wishes or shared these wishes verbally before passing away, honoring them is a way to honor your loved one's life. You may not agree with some of the wishes, but this doesn't mean that you should alter them to suit your tastes. Read More 

Cremation Services: Want To Save On Your Final Expenses?

If you are single and you worry about your kids having to deal with the expenses of your death, it's best to prearrange all of the details. You don't have to plan anything elaborate, and you can make things very simple and easy if you want. When you plan out all the details before the event happens, you get a say in what is done, and you can budget for it with your savings or a life insurance plan. Read More 

Share Some of Your Loved One’s Achievements as a Pianist During Their Memorial Service

If your loved one was an accomplished pianist throughout their life and you would like to share some of their achievements during the memorial service, the following ideas will assist with personalizing the service and honoring your loved one. Hire a Pianist to Play Favorite Songs Interview several pianists and request that they play a few of your loved one's favorite songs for you so that you can learn more about each of their playing styles. Read More