Planning a Funeral Service

Remember Them With Love And Honor: How To Choose The Perfect Cemetery Monument For Your Loved One

If your loved one has recently passed away, and you're making funeral arrangements, you'll need to plan for the monument. The monument will not only mark where your loved one is laid to rest, it also serves as a memorial to their life. You want to to be perfect for them. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a monument. Here are four steps you should take when selecting a monument for your loved one. Read More 

4 Things You Should Leave Off Gravestones

Making final plans for your loved one can be complex. Your funeral director can help you with any questions you have about making these choices while you are grieving. When it comes to making decisions about memorial grave markers, sometimes what you leave off them can be as important as what you ultimately decide to include. Be sure to leave these things off the tombstone for your loved one. Don't Include Over a Full Paragraph of Prose Read More 

3 Essential Tips For Planning A Cremation Service

When the time comes to plan a cremation service for a loved one, you will need to put careful thought into each detail to properly memorialize your loved one. No matter which type of cremation service you want to plan, creating a task list is one way that you can simplify the process and be sure that you cover all the important point during a memorial service. These essentials tips can help you stay on track while preparing for a cremation service. Read More 

7 Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing A Eulogy For A Funeral Or Cremation Service

Being asked to give a eulogy for a lost loved one's funeral or cremation service is an honor. It shows that the relationship you had with the deceased person is respected, and it offers you the chance to speak lovingly of your loved one to people who are longing to hear what you say. When you are writing the eulogy, consider these questions to help you create just the right eulogy that will be a tribute to your loved one. Read More 

Designate A Backup Person For These Important Funeral-Related Roles

As you move through the process of planning the funeral for a loved one, you'll find yourself delegating important roles to those around you. This is especially the case if your deceased family member didn't specify the people he or she wanted involved in the ceremony, so you and your family will likely discuss amongst yourself who will perform the various duties. It can be useful to think about designating some backup people for the most important roles. Read More