3 Questions About Cremation Diamonds

If you have decided that you want to use cremation for your body after you pass away, the next question will be what to do with the ashes. While you can put them in an urn or have them scattered, you may be interested in having your cremated remains turned into diamonds. It's a very interesting process that can be an elegant way to honor your life after you pass away. Here are some common questions about using your ashes to create cremation diamonds.

1. Will Cremation Diamond Be Actual Diamonds?

A cremation diamond is made by creating a gemstone by extracting the carbon from the ashes. It is a specialized process that requires a diamond press, which will replicate the natural actions that are needed to create real diamonds beneath the surface of the earth. It can actually take many months for this process to be completed, but when it's finished, there will be a gemstone created to memorialize you. It's as real as a diamond you can buy in the jewelry store, and it can be used in jewelry settings for necklaces, rings, or bracelets.

2. What Color Will the Diamond Be?

The final color of a cremation diamond will be unknown before the process begins because everyone's cremated remains have different chemical compositions. For instance, ashes that have more nitrogen in them can cause a diamond to have a yellow color. That said, cremation diamonds can be a color shade that could be white, yellow, blue, or black. You do have the option to tint the diamond with a color additive while it is being created, which is done by adding specific minerals to your ashes before it goes into a diamond press.

3. How Many Diamonds Can Be Made?

The cremated remains from a single person is typically only able to create a single diamond. However, it is possible to add filler material to the ashes to create more diamonds. This may be desired if you wish to leave a diamond to several children, so each one can have something to remember their mother or father. The diamonds won't be as pure compared to a diamond made without filler material, but it can be just as special to those it is given to.

If you are looking for more ideas with what to do with your cremated remains after you pass away, speak with a crematory while you are planning your funeral.