Share Some of Your Loved One’s Achievements as a Pianist During Their Memorial Service

If your loved one was an accomplished pianist throughout their life and you would like to share some of their achievements during the memorial service, the following ideas will assist with personalizing the service and honoring your loved one.

Hire a Pianist to Play Favorite Songs

Interview several pianists and request that they play a few of your loved one's favorite songs for you so that you can learn more about each of their playing styles. Hire the pianist that plays the piano most similarly to how your loved one played. Choose the order of the songs that you would like to be played throughout the memorial and have them listed in the bulletins that are printed for the service so that guests will be made aware of the song selections.

Direct the pianist to play music at various intervals throughout the ceremony. As guests hear the familiar tunes, they will be reminded of your loved one and the beautiful music that they were known for. 

Make Copies of Sheet Music or a Certificate

Make copies of sheet music for a particular song that you consider to be your loved one's favorite. If they received a certificate for their playing abilities at some point during their life, have copies of it made, as well. As guests arrive for the memorial service, hand out the copies and provide information about why you chose the song and what the certificate signifies. Close family members and friends may decide to frame the copies of the sheet music and certificate so that they can display the items inside of their homes in honor of the deceased.

Decorate Candle Holders

Purchase some clear, glass candle holders. Affix a picture of your loved one to the outside of each one with craft glue. Secure stickers of musical notes or pianos to other parts of each holder's exterior. Place a small votive candle in the middle of each holder. At the end of the memorial service, give the attendees the holders. Light the candles for everyone.

Dim the lights in the room and speak some final words. Welcome others to speak if they wish. Once the candles have been blown out, individuals can bring them home with them and set them on a shelf or table to keep the memory of the loved one alive in the future. 

Use these tips to honor a deceased loved one who was an exceptional pianist. For more funeral-planning advice, talk to a director like those at Foran Funeral Home.