The Pros And Cons Of Setting Up A Crowdfunding Page For A Funeral

The sudden death of a loved one can leave their close friends and family members in a lot of pain. Not everybody is able to pre-plan their funeral, and mourners may not have the money on hand to cover even modest funeral expenses. One solution that is growing in popularity is crowdfunding to cover funeral expenses. Here are the pros and cons for setting up a crowdfunding campaign for the deceased loved one.

Con: Some People Will Judge

Like it or not, some people will likely judge or question the need to hold a crowdfunding campaign after someone passes away. It could be simply because they don't understand that this is now a widely acceptable alternative for paying for funeral expenses, or it could be for some personal reasons that only they understand. Whatever your reason, it can be unpleasant to deal with additional negativity at this sensitive time, so it's important to consider whether you are okay with others judging this choice.

Pro: It Allows People to Express Their Love in a Tangible Way

Sometimes it can be hard to feel how much people truly loved the deceased person directly after a death. When you start seeing people donating and leaving words of love on a crowdfunding page, that can be a great affirmation of the warmth and love that people had for your loved one. Instead of sending flowers, a crowdfunding campaign allows people to directly donate to the person's final expenses, and in doing so, you can also have a record of warm remembrances all in one location.

Con: There's a Possibility You Won't Raise Enough Funds

There is risk involved in any crowdfunding campaign. Although you may suspect that many people are mourning the loss of your loved one, not everybody may be able to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign. Some people are naturally suspicious of such pages and don't give to them under any condition. Since some crowdfunding websites don't pay out unless you achieve your financial goal with the campaign, carefully consider the possibility that you may put in the word for no reward.

Finally, keep in mind that every situation is unique. If you feel that having a crowdfunding campaign for the funeral is the best choice for your loved one, go for it, and don't listen to the naysayers. A crowdfunding campaign is sometimes the best choice to give someone the memorial service that they deserve, and it's important to trust yourself to make the right decision when it is in your hands. For more information or advice for planning a funeral, contact a business such as Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Home.