4 Things You Should Bring When Going To A Cremation Service With A Child

Children can experience the same cathartic mourning at a cremation service as adults do. If the person who is hosting the cremation service is okay with children attending the memorial service, you then get to decide whether your child is ready to handle this ritual of death. When planning to attend the cremation service with your child, bring along these four things to ensure that the presence of you and your child is a blessing to others at the service.

Sympathy Gift from the Child

Although you may have sent flowers or given a donation to the charity the family suggested, it is still a good idea to prepare something for your child to give the mourners. Receiving a present from a child can be especially meaningful for the bereaved family, and it can bring a smile to their faces at a time when they have only been crying.

Small Packs of Tissues

You never know how your little one will react to the stimuli at the cremation service. It may end up being too much, and they may get scared or surprised by things that people say in the eulogy or at other parts of the service. Bring along small packs of tissues in case you need to help soothe your child, and it's a good idea to have some extras to provide some comfort to others in need at the cremation service.

Mints or Other Hard Candy

Sometimes you may be able to comfort your child's unexpected hunger or desire for a snack with something small, simple, and tasty. Bring along small snacks in case your child gets restless and needs a refreshment during the service. You may want to bring a variety of candy to allow your child the opportunity to pick what they want, which can further soothe them.

Small Books for the Child

Although you may have your smart phone or tablet chock full of electronic copies of children's books, you should not whip out any electronic devices during the cremation service. Instead, bring along a few small books for your child. If they get restless or simply have a lot of time to wait around, it's a good idea to hand them some books to occupy their time.

Finally, keep in mind that children sometimes have surprising reactions at cremation services. Some kids will not quite grasp the finality of saying good-bye at such a n event, while others are confused by the rituals of the service. Your child may be very aware of what is happening and respond in an emotional way, though. Be prepared for any reaction and be ready to comfort a child who is deeply upset by the memorial service. For more advice about attending a funeral with a young child, contact a company like Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn.