4 Cremain-Scattering Options For Adventurous People

Nowadays, cremations are almost as commonplace as traditional burials in the U.S., evidenced by the fact that over 40 percent of Americans are now choosing to be cremated. However, if you consider yourself to be a free-spirited or adventurous person, you may not like the idea of spending eternity trapped inside an urn on someone's mantle. Instead, choose one of these four cremain-scattering options that are perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit:

1. Travel through the Atmosphere in a Helium Balloon

Your cremains can be placed inside a huge, biodegradable balloon and released into the atmosphere. The balloon carrying your ashes will begin to expand and freeze as it slowly ascends higher into the sky. Eventually, the frozen balloon will burst, scattering your ashes into the universe.

2. Be the Main Attraction of a Fireworks Show

If you really want to go out with a bang, consider having your ashes scattered into the atmosphere via fireworks. Your cremains can be placed inside specially made fireworks shells to become the star attraction of a beautiful fireworks display. As the fireworks are set off, each biodegradable shell containing your cremains will explode into vibrant, beautiful colors.

3. Go Skydiving One Last Time

Celebrate the freeing of your soul by having your cremains released thousands of feet in the air by a skydiver. Don't worry; you don't need to find a friend or family member who's willing to jump from a plane with your ashes because there are now businesses all around the world offering this unique service.

4. Launch into Orbit

According to Time Magazine, having a vial of your cremains launched into orbit and released is actually much more affordable than you might think. For just under $2000, your ashes can be delivered into space via a specially designed spacecraft. As the GPS-tracked spacecraft spends months orbiting the earth, your family can actually follow your journey into space on their smartphones.

If you're the kind of person who lives for life's little adventures, why not create one final, symbolic adventure for yourself in the afterlife, too? As you pre-plan your final arrangements, just make sure your family is aware of your plan regarding the scattering of your cremains to ensure it will be carried out for you. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing your final wish will be honored by your family and your ashes will be set free. Speak with experts like Ocean County Cremation Service – they're sure to have even more ideas.